Our Day in Chiang Rai

I’m sorry, I’m well behind finishing writing up this trip. There has been so much upheaval, and I’m just now getting back to this blog….

There is very little to do in Chiang Rai if you have already been to the white temple and the night bazaar. (Yes there are other temples, but at this point we were templed out. Although later I found out about the Blue temple. I’m a little upset I didn’t find anything about it when I was researching the trip.) Continue reading “Our Day in Chiang Rai”

Bus trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

IMG_6539Breakfast was awful. I couldn’t really eat anything after I saw the mouse yesterday. Denali dropped his egg. It did not bode well for the day. We checked out and got on the tour bus at 7:00 am. If you are an avid reader you will remember we booked this tour through the ministry of tourism in Bangkok the day of the four temples for four baht. The van arrived in time. Continue reading “Bus trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai”

Chiang Mai

We had plans to sightsee Chiang Mai today. We had breakfast. I saw a mouse dart from under one table to another. That was it for me eating at our hotel. We got dressed and tried to hail a tuk tuk outside of our hotel. We went through three drivers before we haggled a decent price to the mountain temple and a few other temples. Continue reading “Chiang Mai”

Goodbye Siem Reap, Hello Chiang Mai.

Travel day! This morning we woke up late. It was wonderful. We had breakfasts as usual and waited for our ride to the airport. There were ridiculous lines at the check in, mostly people trying to check overweight luggage or trying to bring things on the plane they weren’t supposed to. Continue reading “Goodbye Siem Reap, Hello Chiang Mai.”

Cambodian sights, Day three…

This morning we had a late start. I broke another nail and Denali spilled coffee on himself. I dropped a water bottle and it broke in the floor. This morning wasn’t looking good. We had our normal breakfast. We ate and waited for our new driver. He was a friend of our old driver, who had to cancel in us to take his prewedding photos. Continue reading “Cambodian sights, Day three…”

Cambodia Day Two

This morning we got up, got dressed and had our breakfast in the outside restaurant. It was delicious. I had a Spanish omelette, Denali a bread plate with pineapple jam and orange marmalade. After those plates were taken away, you were given a fruit plate. Continue reading “Cambodia Day Two”

Goodbye Bangkok, Hello Siem Reap

This morning we packed and checked out. I was sad to say goodbye to Bangkok. I will definitely be coming back. The bellboy asked if we wanted a taxi to airport. We said yes, and he quoted us a decent price so we agreed. We got in taxi and we can clearly see money changing hands between the bellboy and the driver. Continue reading “Goodbye Bangkok, Hello Siem Reap”