The Egg House


Obviously, I enjoy pop up museums. So I jump at the chance to see new ones. Yesterday, April 25, I visited a pop up in Manhattan called The Egg House. You can find them on Instagram under the @theegghouse. It is an egg-themed, instagramable space, that will be in Manhattan until the end of July. Randomly, the man in the storefront next door handed us a prize ball with an egg pin inside as we walked by. It was a great start of the visit.


Upon entering, I was greeted and my ticket was checked. I was also given a chance to pick two prizes out of a bag; I got two pins! Then I realized where the earlier man had gotten his pins. Several staff members explained what the experience was all about and let us know that they were there to help take photos; all we had to do was ask. Throughout the entire time we were there, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Near check-in there was a small kiosk with egg-themed goodies you could purchase.


Then on to the eggcellent experience. Sittable egg shells, giant egg cartons, egg swings, and a trippy black and white kitchen awaited us. Not to mention a ball pit and a basement garden!




Overall, we spent a little over an hour, and we had an amazing time. It was a little hot and a mother or two were not keeping their kids in check, but I had fun. I only wish I wasn’t getting pegged with balls the entire time I was trying to get photos in the ballpit.



They were also selling egg-themed treats, chocolate, and ice cream sandwiches. If you are in Manhattan before July 27, I suggest you give it a looksee. Like the writing on the wall says, “The last one in is a rotten egg!”

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