Island hopping by longboat…

This morning we got up early to get ourselves together. We headed downstairs to the breakfast area. Yet again very interesting choices of food. From fruit to chicken to curry soup. We grab a few bottles of water from the 7-11 and wait for our bus. I neglected to inform you that there are 7-11’s literally everywhere. You can’t turn a corner without seeing one. We have one two doors down from us, which makes it easy to pickup whatever we need.

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Temples, tigers, and fun…

Today we set off early on our first full day in Phuket. Over the hotel breakfast, which was an interesting mix of food, we discussed what we wanted to see and do.img_2947


We decided to head to the Big Buddha first. So we dressed accordingly and found a tuk tuk driver for the next few hours. His tuk tuk was slightly less fancy than the previous one but it was still a wild ride. I neglected to say yesterday that you have to hold the railings or you could fall out of the windows while moving.


Riding up through the hills was amazing. Greenery, elephants, stray dogs, big houses,tiny houses and everything in between. It was quite interesting because around every curve was something different.

We get to the top of the mountain and there is was, the Big Buddha. It was glorious. We walked all around and took a million photos. There was a lookout with a thatched roof. I stepped in and this was the point it really hit me, that I was in Thailand actually seeing these sights for myself!

We hopped back into our tuk tuk and made our way to Wat Chalong. There were so many amazing buildings, most of them covered with beautifully carved decorations. In every temple you have to take your shoes off, it’s funny to see all the  empty shoes outside.

It was approaching noon, so it was getting too hot to walk around. We found our tuk tuk and ventured off to the next location…Tiger Kingdom.

It was not the most ethical location, but where else in the world are they going to let you do this? Definitely not in America. Most of the tigers were obviously sedated, I felt a little twinge of sadness because I know this isn’t a life for a tiger. The guide said they were not sedated, just full. Apparently most tigers that are well fed and bred in captivity, are really chil. I’m not sure if I believe that. They were very clean and so was the enclosure. I was stuck somewhere  between guilt and wonder. Tigers are majestic and it was awe inspiring to be that close to one. We were in a huge enclosed area with four large tigers, a trainer, and a photographer. Of course when Denali posed with the final tiger, it yawned and look like it was roaring. In my pictures the tigers could careless. We left with a bunch of photos on a CD and the glee of a small child.

We then headed into town to get some drinks. We had a blast. Our bartender was named Nooun and she hustled us at connect four. It was quite impressive.

After drinks we walked around, found a mall, and soaked up some much needed AC. We happened upon a 30 minute escape room. Neither one of us had ever done one, so we decided to give it a try.


We we got out with 30 seconds to spare! But we got out in time lol. After winning, we enjoyed a celebratory lunch. I chose a place in the malls atrium that said it served traditional Thai food and it had AC and free wifi. Bad idea. Denali was not pleased with the unspicy “traditional Thai” food. I was just glad to eat. I got veggie spring rolls. They had glass noodles inside. I love glass noodles. I want to know how they are made. After eating it was time to rest….

Finally getting to Phuket…

It’s been over 24 hours of travel and delayed flights, but I’m finally in Phuket. We caught a bus from the airport to our hotel near Kata. No problem getting registered and to our room. I’m so glad to be able to shower and change my clothes.

I decide it’s better to forgo a nap and use the little time we have before we try to find the hall. We chat about what we want to do and make our way outside of the hotel. We have a 7-11 right around the corner, bonus. We flag down a tuk tuk. It’s a tricked out one with faux Louis Vuitton logos everywhere. I was dying.

So we set off to check out the Trickeye Museum. It fulfilled my expectations. There was no AC inside, so we sweat to death but it was well worth it. Just a few of the many photos we took:

After leaving the museum, I realized how dehydrated I was. Major headache. So we started looking for a place to eat. My only demand was that it have AC. We came across a little place called Kodi de Phuket. No AC but it was cool inside. Denali’s only caveat was that he get real, spicy Thai food. Be careful what you wish for. I ordered a simple mixed vegetable stir fry. It was blazing but delicious. Denali ordered some sort of shrimp and basil dish. I took a photo and captured the moment of regret.

Apparently it was VERY hot. But he ate the whole thing like a champ. It wasn’t all bad because he got his first beer of the trip there too.

After eating we discovered we were not in a high tourist traffic area, so it was a struggle to find transportation. We finally got a taxi and Denali uses GPS coordinates to find the hall. When we arrived, our cab driver shouted that he knew he’d been there before. I wish he remembered the way lol. Sadly I forgot to snap a picture of the outside as it was dark, hot and we were running late. It was a miracle I even made it. No nap and dehydrated, I sat and listened the best I could. I kept falling asleep sitting up. It was a struggle but well worth it. The crazy way we got home I’ll leave for another time…

Bangkok Bound…and beyond.

Finally on the flight to Bangkok at 3:00 am. I fall asleep before we take off and wake up about 35/40 minutes later. That little bit of sleep was so nice! I woke up just in time for the customary tiny drink and a weird snack, especially for the middle of the night.


It was a sandwich cut in half. One side was some sort of cheese, the other was, I believe, mayo and diced pickles? And they let you use real silverware!!!! There was also bread and yogurt with a straw and no spoon. I had some of my snack and tried to get some sleep.

I gratefully land in Bangkok and walk out of the gate. There are women holding signs with names on them for transfers. I really don’t think my name would be there, but it was! They had already rescheduled my last flight. That was such a breath of fresh air. And then I realized how far I had to walk to get to my new ticket counter, back through Thai customs and to my new gate. But it was nice to not have to worry about finding a flight.

I get through customs and patiently wait for my flight. I board another bus to my plane, but by now I’m a pro. The flight was pretty much empty and it was super short. The hour and ten minutes flew by. But somehow Thai air has time to serve me the customary tiny drink and a breakfast.

The food was interesting. I ate the potatoes and one piece of broccoli, along with the yogurt again. Then it was time to land. I cannot tell you how happy I was to finally be in Phuket. I was delayed ten hours but I made it.

On a side note, when I missed my flight I realized that I didn’t have a contingency plan with Denali. And that I didn’t give him the airport hotel info, so he had no idea where he was staying when he got to Thailand in the middle of the night. It was hectic and stressful but I finally reached him through various channels and he met me at the airport. I have never been so glad to see someone…


Fly Away…

The day has come and I’m here sitting in the airport. I arrived extra early because there was supposed to be traffic…there was none. I stood in a really long line of  what I am assuming were mostly Chinese people. (I’m flying on Air China). I finally get to the counter and I’m told that my travel pack is 3 kilos overweight. I have no idea about how much a kilo is because I’m American and we are clueless about the metric system. Continue reading “Fly Away…”