Krabi bus ride…

Early risers today, so we can get the early bus to Krabi. We have our breakfast, pack our stuff and say goodbye to The BluEco Hotel. (There will be a write up on all of our hotels later) We grab a tuk tuk and get a ride to the Phuket town bus station.


Tickets to Krabi are purchased and we wait for the next bus. It’s an hour wait but that leaves time to experience the people, the public restrooms, and the snack shop. We find the correct bus. It’s a mini bus and seats about 16. Not terribly comfortable but it was cheap.

Finally it’s time to board the bus. We sit for about 10 minutes and right before the bus is about to leave, a man gets off to get his wife a coffee. The man isn’t wearing any deodorant. How do I know this when he is sitting a row over and up from me? Because it’s THAT bad. So when the bus starts to leave without him, I automatically start thinking Karma. His wife looks around frantically and asks the driver to wait a minute. The driver just starts to slowly back out. The husband comes running practically spilling the coffee. He jumps back on the mini bus and we ride off. Riding through various towns, we really get to see the different landscapes and housing. So far the most beautiful area is Phang Nga. There are rock cliffs rising out of the water. It’s kind of amazing.

Three hours later we find ourself at the Krabi bus station. We hire a car to take us to our hotel in Ao Nang. It’s nice to relax after the long ride. But you know Denali wants to explore and eat, so we go in search of real Thai food. We find a Thai halal spot that looks good and has wifi. He gets noodles again. Still not spicy enough. He adds powder and chilies, still not spicy enough. He looks up at me and wonders if he has been desensitized. I feel bad for him and console him with the fact we will find spicy food when we get to Bangkok. After we eat we take a short walk to the beach. It. Is. Glorious.

Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. We wander around for a little more until I hit my heat max, so we start back to the hotel. We decide to go for a swim in the rooftop infinity pool. There is no better word to describe it than invigorating.

Getting back to our room, I heard a loud humming sound that I didn’t hear before. It turns out to be the pump for the pool above us. I’m not having that, so of course we have to move rooms. After resettling, we head back out to book our excursion for tomorrow and to get some good eats.
We come across an Indian/Thai restaurant. We decide to try it out.

The food was great and there was free wifi. It was spicy even though I asked for mild. I thought I saw a roach crawling from the kitchen area. Denali thought it was a cricket because it was so big. He said maybe it was a locust? I knew better. An employee steps on it. We make eye contact. He shrugs a shy Kanye shrug. Another employee comes over and the first man lifts his foot. Second man sprays Raid for a good 30 seconds on the roach. Then the first man kicks it back into the kitchen. He looks back at me with large eyes. The fact that they have a can of Raid on standby lol they know what’s up. It’s not even hidden. It’s sitting next to the drinking glasses. I’m dying. At this point there is nothing I can do but finish my delicious spicy food. Then I see a tiny lizard crawling above the soda refrigerator. I’m just waiting for a rat to join the party.

After seeing the roach, I take in the restaurant with fresh eyes. Peeling paint on the ceiling, hastily patched wallpaper with dripping spackle, and wilted balloons hanging from the ceiling. The balloons seemed to represent my deflating enthusiasm for this establishment.
We wandered back to the hotel and prepped for tomorrow.

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