Fly Away…

The day has come and I’m here sitting in the airport. I arrived extra early because there was supposed to be traffic…there was none. I stood in a really long line of  what I am assuming were mostly Chinese people. (I’m flying on Air China). I finally get to the counter and I’m told that my travel pack is 3 kilos overweight. I have no idea about how much a kilo is because I’m American and we are clueless about the metric system. She asks me if I can try to shift stuff around, but i only have a small canvas tote bag with me. I stare blankly at her, realizing I’m going to have to check all of my worldly goods, knowing full well I may never see them again. She must see the look of fear, because she says that if I can get it under 10 kilos she will let me take it on board. So I stumble away from the desk, racking my brain trying to come up with an idea. Then I remember why I got this particular pack…it has a removable day pack on the front! I zip it off, shove it in my tote, and weigh it. Low and behold its 9.5 kilos. Success! I triumphantly walk back to the desk and she gives me the go ahead.

Now I’m sitting at the gate, it’s going to be a long few hours…see you on the other side.


My brother is flying from the other coast and his flight takes off soon. I asked him for a decent photo and this is what he sent…



I then asked him if it was too much to ask for a photo where he looks happy and this is what I got…

Safe Travels B

One Reply to “Fly Away…”

  1. I just spoke with you and you are on your way….believe me that quick thinking keeps you moving forward and NOT missing connections…so pat yourself on the back and enjoy that little victory. All I have to say about B’s picture is his shirt shows he is already in adventure mode! I am beyond proud of you both. Its like I am flying with you. Love, Joy, and Peace.


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