Going, going, gone…

So my flight from New York left an hour late. Of course my layover is a sliver of time but it was the only flight! But don’t let me get ahead of myself. Last I left you, I was waiting to board the plane. After getting myself situated in my window seat, I start to relax. A young man (about 12) and his father have the two seats next to me. Everything was going swimmingly, I really couldn’t have asked for better seatmates. I was shocked that in this day and age we couldn’t use or even have our phones on during the flight…I thought we, as a people, debunked that myth. Sadly, the flight attendant slightly yelled at me to turn my phone off and put it away. Now I was without music, games, or any of the other goodies I had on my phone. After takeoff, I decided to have a look at the inflight movies. Most of them were in Chinese only, so no go. Then I come across new movies and voila, Dr. Strange. I refused to see it in the movie theater for various reasons, but I had no problem seeing it for free 99. After drinks were served, in tiny non American portions (bonus), we were served dinner. One had the option of beef and rice or fish and rice. I chose beef. It was delicious.


Hours go by. I nap, I do some puzzles, I watch some English TV. Then the drink cart comes rolling by again. Another tiny drink, yay! Then we are offered another meal. This time the option was chicken and rice or pork and rice. I chose the chicken.


After this point of the flight, I was starting to realize I most likely wasn’t going to make my connecting flight. And that’s exactly what happened…

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