Finally getting to Phuket…

It’s been over 24 hours of travel and delayed flights, but I’m finally in Phuket. We caught a bus from the airport to our hotel near Kata. No problem getting registered and to our room. I’m so glad to be able to shower and change my clothes.

I decide it’s better to forgo a nap and use the little time we have before we try to find the hall. We chat about what we want to do and make our way outside of the hotel. We have a 7-11 right around the corner, bonus. We flag down a tuk tuk. It’s a tricked out one with faux Louis Vuitton logos everywhere. I was dying.

So we set off to check out the Trickeye Museum. It fulfilled my expectations. There was no AC inside, so we sweat to death but it was well worth it. Just a few of the many photos we took:

After leaving the museum, I realized how dehydrated I was. Major headache. So we started looking for a place to eat. My only demand was that it have AC. We came across a little place called Kodi de Phuket. No AC but it was cool inside. Denali’s only caveat was that he get real, spicy Thai food. Be careful what you wish for. I ordered a simple mixed vegetable stir fry. It was blazing but delicious. Denali ordered some sort of shrimp and basil dish. I took a photo and captured the moment of regret.

Apparently it was VERY hot. But he ate the whole thing like a champ. It wasn’t all bad because he got his first beer of the trip there too.

After eating we discovered we were not in a high tourist traffic area, so it was a struggle to find transportation. We finally got a taxi and Denali uses GPS coordinates to find the hall. When we arrived, our cab driver shouted that he knew he’d been there before. I wish he remembered the way lol. Sadly I forgot to snap a picture of the outside as it was dark, hot and we were running late. It was a miracle I even made it. No nap and dehydrated, I sat and listened the best I could. I kept falling asleep sitting up. It was a struggle but well worth it. The crazy way we got home I’ll leave for another time…

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