Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

9D992359-3D72-4C21-BD08-9575CB4EE7C0There is a new Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum . As a member, I was able to check it out a day early. If possible, it always helps to be a member at the museums you frequent. 1) early access to cool exhibitions and 2) tickets even when the event has sold out to the public. Right now, the Kahlo exhibit tickets are sold out but members can get them. 

So Frida Kahlo was a pretty amazing artist and and inspirational feminist. Her work and likeness have been used everywhere from T-shirts to tea towels. You can get her iconic eyebrows on practically anything. But a lot of people don’t really look deeper into her than the look. This exhibit shared personal diary pages, sketches, notes, and personal items never before bought together. Limited photos were allowed to be taken because most items were part of private collections. Overall I would recommend, since I’m not sure when you will get to see a large room full of her personal clothing ever again. Or when you will view the densely written notes and sketches, or the painting from private collections. 

Another bonus were the amazing flowers by a local Manhattan company called Fleurs Bella  For the first few days at least, there was a gorgeous flower wall to pose in front of.

The exhibit is there until May 12. If you can get there, get there. Don’t miss out. 


*if you want the deets on my outfit, head to the fashion section of this blog.*

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