Still not packed

The struggle is real! I’m leaving in 3 days and I’ve unpacked. I just can’t seem to get the clothing situation handled. I keep adding and taking away. Every time I pack my bag it’s full, but I need to leave extra space for acquisitions along the way. I wonder if Denali is having the same struggle??image
On the bright side I got my International Drivers License yesterday, which was oddly very easy. AAA did everything, Photos, paperwork, etc., and I was out in 15 minutes. The only downside is that I look like a criminal lol.


The woman that took the photo took it from underneath, and that’s NEVER a good look. And she wasn’t pleased when I asked her to take the photo again. Yes, this is the second photo. Can you imagine how bad the first one was??? But I’m letting go of the negative and focusing on the fact that it didn’t take all day to get done. So now I hope I can get some good vibes flowing while I repack my bag…

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