What I actually packed

Here is a comprehensive list of what I’ve packed. When I return home, I will update with what was useful and what was not. To start off I will say I stuck to a color story to make it easier on myself. Burgundy/wine and a teal/turquoise are my main colors. I supplemented with grey and a few black pieces because, who am I kidding, black is my favorite thing to cover my body with. Back to the list…


  • teal and black striped Toms
  • black yoga Sanuks
  • champagne colored Havaianas with a heel strap


  • wine colored 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • grey colored 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • teal v neck t shirt
  • grey v neck t shirt
  • long sleeve multi colored scoop neck shirt
  • sheer black t shirt dress


  • wine colored maxi skirt
  • white and teal elephant pants*
  • burgundy and teal elephant pants*
  • jean shorts
  • black harem pants
  • one pair of black yoga leggings


  • wine colored swimsuit
  • black swimsuit
  • black bikini top/multi bottom
  • floral sheer dress
  • blue/green leaf print cover up
  • blue/green short kimono top
  • multicolor long pencil dress
  • burgundy wide knit kimono
  • extra long t for sleeping
  • lightweight nike fit cap

Random Travel Things

  • solar charger
  • extra battery
  • regular charger
  • waterproof wallet
  • waterproof phonecase
  • travel towel
  • normal toiletries in travel size
  • limited makeup
  • small Travelon “theft proof” cross body bag
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • lonely planet travel guides
  • pens/sharpie
  • circle scarf
  • and because I’m extra I found travel sized misting spray

On the plane I will be wearing black leggings, black t-shirt dress, a long grey cardigan, sneakers, and a baseball cap.

*yes you can get elephant pants where I’m going, but I’m not super skinny and apparently it’s hard to find clothing is larger sizes. So I got two pairs from http://www.theelephantpants.com before I left just in case I can’t find any along the way.

7 Replies to “What I actually packed”

  1. Smart on the bug spray and Sunscreen. I’m currently learning how I should have picked some up with I was in America for Christmas. So expensive in SE Asia! Never thought of a solar charger, not a bad idea. Does it work well?


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