Our Day in Chiang Rai

I’m sorry. I’m well behind finishing writing up this trip. There has been so much upheaval, and I’m just now getting back to this blog….

There is very little to do in Chiang Rai if you have already been to the white temple and the night bazaar. (Yes there are other temples, but at this point we were templed out. Although later I found out about the Blue temple. I’m a little upset I didn’t find anything about it when I was researching the trip.)I forgot to mention our room was attached to the pool. You could hop in from the deck, But the pool was located in the main lobby so that was strange. Denali took a dip the night we arrived.IMG_6748

The next day, we decided to just relax for the day. We were greeted by a little lizard in front of our door. They were everywhere once you noticed one, you noticed more. We discussed what to do with our day. We thought about possibly finding a place for Denali to get a pedicure, because he sorely needed one.IMG_6756

I told him I thought it was best to wait to head out no earlier than 10 am because nothing opened early. He agreed, and a little later he asked if I was ready to go. I got dressed and off we went. We walked about two blocks and he said, “nothing is open, you were right”.

I asked him what time it was. He said “9:30”.

In my head I was annoyed because I told him 10 o’clock and he agreed to 10. The one place we saw that did pedicures opened at 11. He said “I guess we could just walk around until then”.


I told him I wasn’t going to wander aimlessly for almost two hours. He said he didn’t think I would, gave me the key and said he would meet me back at the hotel at 11. Then we parted ways. He came back a little while later. We both chilled for a bit until he said he was going out to get food. He didn’t know where he was going, so I opted to stay in and take a nap. A little after he left, I went and got some food from the weird place we had dinner the night before. It wasn’t too far away and the food was decent.

Denali got back a little after me. We went out later and went to the night bazaar and purchased a small suitcase. I had collected quite a few gifts for friends and family. I repacked my bags and we watched the English movie channel until we fell asleep.

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