Yayoi Kusama


If you know who Yayoi Kusama is, you know how hard it is to get tickets to see her work in America. We have been trying for what seems like forever. Everything sells out in minutes. So when I heard we could see a small sampling of her work at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City, I jumped at the chance. It was free to get in; the only catch was getting there and waiting in a line that wrapped around the building. But honestly, it was worth the wait.

The people in line were mostly pleasant, in fact we met a nice Korean woman after she photobombed me. #redhatgang  It was semi-cold and rainy, but the line went fast as we arrived close to the time the gallery opened.


Once we entered, we were ushered into another line to get into the Infinity Mirror room. We had about 60 seconds to get in, take in the art, and take a few photographs. They stuck to the time frame with no wiggle room. It really wasn’t enough time, and it was a little disappointing after waiting in a long line. The room itself was spectacular.

After being hurried through the first room, you were guided into a dark room with two tall black boxes. Each box had portal holes on each side that you could look into. It was a mini mirrored room with a light show. Here you also had about a minute to take it in. I was starting to see why the outside line was moving so fast.


The last room was glorious. You were given white boot covers and pointed towards a white corridor. When you turned the corner, you were greeted by a huge white room with red polka dots everywhere: floor, ceiling, walls. There were also huge flower pots with giant flowers in them. In this room you were able to stay a little longer.

After exiting, you could turn right next door and see more of Kusama’s art. The gallery was also selling books and prints.

I’m glad I went, I just wish I could have spent more time viewing the art. I may have to visit Tokyo to the Yayoi Kusama Museum for that.

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