Cambodian sights, Day three…

This morning we had a late start. I broke another nail and Denali spilled coffee on himself. I dropped a water bottle and it broke in the floor. This morning wasn’t looking good. We had our normal breakfast. We ate and waited for our new driver. He was a friend of our old driver, who had to cancel in us to take his prewedding photos.
The new guy arrives and we get in the tuk tuk. Not ten minutes later he stopped to pee in the woods. IMG_5669.JPGWe ride for an hour to get to Banteay Shrey. With 9 km left he got stopped at a police check point for having no right mirror. He talked to the police for about 7 minutes. He looked very uncomfortable. He came back over to the tuk tuk, apologized and off we went. We arrived at Banteay Shrey and he drops us off. He tells us where to meet him when we are done.
This temple is made of red rocks and is littered with picture frame windows. The Chinese tourists were pushy and cutting lines. We had enough so we tore a page out of their book and aggressively got the photos we wanted. We started a perspective trend. We found a spot to take a photo with two people in two different frames. We asked a woman to take the picture. After she took ours, we took the same photo for her and by then a line had formed.

We spent a little more time wandering around and then checked out the little shopping area. We found lots of goodies. When we were done shopping we found our driver. I didn’t notice he had a new mirror. But Denali did.
“New mirror,who dis”, were the exact words he whispered to me.
Then off to the next temples. We ended up driving by two stop and stopped at three more smaller temples. By this point we had seen quite a few temples and they all started to look the same.

We were dropped off in the city of Siem Reap. We discovered Pub street and found a place to eat. We ordered way too much food and the drinks were massive. Everything was mediocre. We paid but they came back and said they couldn’t take a $20 that had a tiny rip at the top. So Denali gave them a different one and all was well in the world. I thought the waiter gave us more change than he should have. So we doubled checked. I was right and we gave back the extra money.

Denali eyed a fish pedicure tank. Only this tank had huge fish instead of the tiny ones. He had been talking about getting a fish pedi, so he decided to go big or go home. He literally dunked his feet in with very little hesitation. It took me a few minutes to agree. When I finally got up the nerve, I couldn’t put my feet in completely like he did. I started with my heels and then slowly lowered lore of my feet. Denali convinced three girls to try the bigger fish too. They had mixed reviews and. Over to the smaller fish. They said the smaller ones were less intense.

We walked another block and found the night bazaar. There were rows and rows of stalls with all sorts of things. Food, fresh fish, fruits, clothes, jewelry, etc. When we were done wandering the market, we headed back to pub street for some fries and another drink. The power went out. It came back on about 5 minutes later for our building, and about 10 minutes later for other buildings.

We hailed a tuk tuk and went back to the hotel. Denali crashed. I watched some tv. Some kids were making noise at the pool but that stopped when the pool closed. I was happy for the silence and then the factory across the street was blasting music while ironing/ welding. I popped in some earplugs and fell asleep.

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