Goodbye Siem Reap, Hello Chiang Mai.

Travel day! This morning we woke up late. It was wonderful. We had breakfast as usual and waited for our ride to the airport. There were ridiculous lines at the check in, mostly people trying to check overweight luggage or trying to bring things on the plane they weren’t supposed to. We finally got checked in and got a lovely surprise. Both our seats were aisle seats across from each other. The flight to Bangkok was uneventful. The immigration line was long and full of people cutting.

We had McDonalds for lunch because we wanted a familiar taste. We weren’t disappointed. There was the normal fare, but the Thai chili sauce was on tap! It was amazing; it goes with literally everything

We checked in and waited for our flight to Chiang Mai. The flight was easy and we were there in about an hour. There was no problem getting a taxi to our hotel. Bonus, our taxi was Tuberculosis free! The hotel wasn’t great but it was passable. We had a short rest and then got a tuk tuk to the night bazaar after stocking up at 7-11. We walked around the huge Night Market and saw all sorts of goodies. We decided to have dinner before discovering more.

Denali chose an Irish pub for dinner. The drinks, food, and music were really good. We went back out into the Night Bazaar and looked around some more. It was very busy and overstimulating.

We found a few interesting things for family and then tuk tuked back to the hotel. There was terrible wifi. This was the second hotel in a row with terrible wifi. This slowed my daily posts to a halting stop.

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