Leaving Laos

Enjoying a very late morning, it was nice to sleep in. We had breakfast packed and took a shuttle to the airport. Afternoon flights are wonderful. Getting to the airport was easy, but inside the airport was not. It had a weird set up. ¬†We waited on a security/passport control line, only to be told when we got to the front, we had to go check in downstairs. We found the appropriate line to be on and we waited. Continue reading “Leaving Laos”

Bangkok day two…

It was nice to sleep in. I was still tired from yesterday. We got ourselves together and went downstairs. A tuk tuk driver tried to scam us into going to the less than stellar local floating market. He lied about the opening time of the wholesale market we were going to. It opened at 7 am and he said it opened at 11. Continue reading “Bangkok day two…”

Flying to Bangkok

We had a late start today. We were saying goodbye to Ao Nang. When we got all of our stuff back into the backpacks, we called for a buggy down hill. They sent a man to carry our bags instead. We were never able to catch a buggy ride, even though they were advertised in all the elevators to our room. We checked out and sat down for breakfast. Continue reading “Flying to Bangkok”