IMG_6806We started off later than we wanted but enjoyed a simple breakfast at our hotel. We walked down the street to get to the corner where the tuk tuks wait. I saw several tuk tuks in both directions. I asked Denali which way he wanted to go, he said left and we started walking. Half way up the block he stopped and asked what we were doing. I told him looking for a tuk tuk. He said, “I thought we were getting a taxi.” I told him the only way that was happening at this time was getting the hotel to call one, and we had already left the hotel. He was annoyed, and we walked back to the corner were a tuk tuk was sitting. We negotiated a price and got on our way to the Buddha Park. Denali had had enough of me at this point, so the ride was silent. But he is so handsome when he’s mad, so I of course, got a photo.


We rode in the tuk tuk for 30 plus minutes over paved and then dirt roads. It was very interesting to see the scenery. Once we got out of the city, it became more of just small houses and buildings right next to the road and not much else.

We arrived at the sculpture park, and our tuk tuk driver waited for us in a group of other drivers. The park was not very large compared to some of the temple and other places we’d visited, but the sculptures were incredible. Although we enjoyed the beauty of the art, it was very hot. By this time we had come to the beginning of the hot season in Southeast Asia. We didn’t end up staying very long because the temperature began to rise. We maximized our 45 minute stay, took loads of photos and hopped back into our tuk tuk.

On the way back, workers were building and paving with large equipment in the middle of the roads. It was comical and nerve wracking, watching people driving in between the construction vehicles while they were working.

We made it safely back to the hotel and proceeded to nap. We lunched across the street at a restaurant called Tysons. It was delicious. Then Denali finally got a pedicure. It was legitimately by hand, with a foot bath. Nothing like we have in America. After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed.



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