Orcas Island and So Long Seattle


The ferry to Orcas Island was delightfully simple. We drove our car into the bottom of the boat and made our way to a sitting area. The sun was shining through the window, creating a little heated area in our booth. It was soothing. 

Jules and I both had books to entertain us on the about two hour ride. But we both ended up  watching the views more than reading.


When we arrived on the island, we knew that we couldn’t get into the rental house until 4 or 5. We had hours to kill, so we explored the island. There was one small city area made up of about 6 main streets; a very small town vibe. We found a small place to eat. It wasn’t very tasty, but it was food. There wasn’t much else to do, so we went to find the house. Our house was located up on the mountain, and there was no service, so we ended up parking in the gas station parking lot to have some cell service. It was not a pleasant experience. Finally the time came and we were able to get into our house. The house was nice but there were no views but the trees and a basketball court.


Finally, other family started to arrive and settle in. Then it was time to go to the other house for dinner. The other house was located on the ocean front. Dinner was nice but was mostly seafood, and I’m allergic. It was nice to see my west coast grandparents and other family.

Over the next few days, all dinners were held at the beachfront house. I only attend two, as the meals were mostly seafood. Jules and AFB had a great time. The path down to the beach from the house was a favorite spot for Jules. He found tiny crabs, sharks, and jellyfish in the tide pools.

One of the days, Jules went off with my aunt, uncle and dad exploring the island. He said they had a lot of fun.

My favorite part of Orcas Island was whale watching. We were on the boat for hours and only saw whales once and from far away, but it was a wonderful experience. AFB and Jules fell asleep for a bit. I don’t know how they can just sleep anywhere.

I would definitely do it again. I’d love the opportunity to see whales much closer than we did. Hopefully the next time I go whale watching that will happen. I’m grateful that I was able to see the orcas, even if it was from far away. Any time I get to see animals in person, I’m happy. They are incredible creations.


Orcas Island was very pretty. I would suggest renting a house right on the water. The views from the other house were far superior to our house. It would have been nice to wake up to that view. Overall I had a decent time. The best part was whale watching, which you can do from Seattle, so I’m not sure if i would recommend going to Orcas I Island. I know I don’t need to return. Although if I hadn’t gone there, Jules wouldn’t have befriended this cat, and I wouldn’t have gotten this photo…


After Orcas Island, we headed back to Seattle. AFB stopped and got a flight of fresh berries. We drove back to the city and crashed at our hotel. The next day we had a late flight out so we had to find ways to kill time. First, we went to a movie (Despicable Me 3). Then AFB and Jules went to the Museum of Flight, and I went to the nearby mall. Next we went to Alkai Beach. It was the 4th of July,  there was no parking, and people were literally everywhere. They were acting like it was a real beach! They were set up on towels and beach umbrellas on the little 5 foot wide patch of grass in front of the concrete sidewalk. It was weird.

After that, I picked them up, we had dinner and saw another movie (whatever the new Transformers movie was called). Finally it was time to head to the airport and go home. Goodbye Seattle.

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