Pike Place and goodbye Seattle

Our last Seattle stop was a proper viewing of Pike Place. The last time we went was the weekend, and it was crowded with people. Jules and I decided to go during the week, and there were about half the amount of people. We parked the car and explored. There were lots of restaurants and stalls set up with people seeking their wares. Food, fish, trinkets, clothing, etc.

I, of course, had to visit the first Starbucks ever. The line was ridiculous. It was a block and a half long and super packed inside the store. I finally got my tea and was serenaded by a man busking outside. He sounded terrible but people were giving him money because he had a great location.

Next we walked over to the notorious gum wall. It was gross and cool all at once. It smelled like used gum, as expected, but like 50 times stronger. It was a weird sensation. But it’s a must see when in Seattle.

After finishing up in Seattle proper, we headed back out to Fremont and visited the troll again. This time we were able to get a little privacy and spend more time. We were rushed last time because AFB had a time constraint.

And this ended our fun times in Seattle. The next day we drove a few hours away to Ana Cortes to get the ferry to Orcas Island. Midway, we stopped at an outlet mall for a break, shopping, and Starbucks. I found a few things to purchase and then we got back on the road. Our hotel was delightfully pleasant, and we had a nice evening. Fortunately I was able to change our ferry time from something close to 5:30 am to closer to 10 am. AFB had reserved a spot for us very last minute, so there were no ungodly hour times available. But apparently people change reservations all the time. Thank goodness for that.

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