and so the end has come…


We had our last Thai breakfast and walked to the beach. It was beautiful. A nice view to end our trip. We packed up, checked out, and ordered a ride to the Patong Mall in Phuket. We stored our bags and wandered around. We did some shopping and had lunch. We found the food court and had lunch at an “American” style eatery. Again the Mai Tai was weird. We had tons of time to kill, because our flight wasn’t until after midnight. We decided on a movie. We watched Kong Skull island in English with Thai subtitles.

We had to pick our bags up by 5:30. So we headed down to the storage place and retrieved them. After that we went back to the Escape room place. We finished the second room with time to spare. I cheated by guessing the last two numbers for the lock. The room was super hard, and not even Denali could figure out the last number. But we had fun and that was all that mattered.

We wandered around some more and hit up the phone case section. There were several rows of booths filled with phone accessories; it was excessive. We both got new phone cases and by this time we had been aimlessly walking around the mall long enough. We made our way to the restaurant area once again. This time for dinner. Denali chose an Irish pub that had real alcohol! After dinner we had hours left until we needed to be at the airport. The only other movie we had an urge to see was Logan. It was terrible, but this isn’t a movie blog so I won’t go into that. We did all this with our luggage, and it was a hassle. We left the mall and haggled a ride to airport. The worst place to try to get a ride. The drivers were like vultures, charging double the going rate. But we eventually found a decent price and got to the airport.

We checked in and got through to the gate with minimal problems. We were glad to get on the plane and make our way home. This was the first leg of the trip. The 6 hour flight was low key but the food was gross, not even worth taking a picture of. We both slept until we got to Beijing. As always, we went through Immigration and Customs. This was where Denali and I parted, as we were off to different coasts in America. He waited with me before I boarded. He had a longer layover than I did. I was extremely sad leaving him there. We might not have had the perfect trip, but I loved spending it with him. I missed seeing him everyday. It was a treat being with him for a month. But I waved goodbye and got on my plane.


The flight wasn’t notable except for the beginning. I had specifically asked for an aisle seat when I checked in. The check in woman confirmed it, but lo and behold, when I got on the plane I had a window seat. There were empty aisle seats, so I asked an attendant if I could move, after explaining to her what had happened. She told me I could move after the plane took off. A few minutes later two guys moved out of their seats to the one I was eyeing. The moral of the story is, don’t ask to move your seat, just do it.

And just like that I was home…


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