Alpaca Fun

7496CA35-907D-4AAE-92C2-FE3BC6BEDDAAYesterday, I had the privilege of hanging out with some amazing alpacas. I’ve been obsessed with llamas and alpacas for ages, and I finally got to interact with them! A few weeks ago, I randomly searched for alpacas near me. Low and behold, there were three farms within an hour of me! They were all only open to the public on Saturdays, and it was a Tuesday, so I put it out of my mind. When I did finally remember on a Saturday, I already had plans, so I didn’t get to go. But yesterday was my life anniversary, so I said why not? I got the kiddo in the car and off we went.

The Edel Haus Farm was only about 30 minutes away, and it was a very easy drive. We turned into the driveway and there they were! ALPACAS!!!


We parked, and we were instructed to walk over to the gate where we would be let in. Julian hesitated at first, but he entered the pen. He was slightly uncomfortable the whole time, but I think he enjoyed himself. I, on the the other hand,  enjoyed myself immensely.

The alpacas came up to us expecting food, and when we didn’t have it, you could tell they were slightly annoyed. Julian opted out on feeding them, while I fed them as mush as I could. The large black one was named Jefferson, and he was very friendly. He preferred photos taken of him, rather than being in selfies, but he got into it at one point.

I think my favorite alpaca was the warm brown colored one named Max. He wasn’t very interested in me when I had no food though. The largest alpaca was named GT, and he was very aggressive towards a man that came in after us. GT did not like him. He followed the man around and spit on him twice. It was slightly funny, only because it wasn’t happening to us. The owner said it was probably because the man had a slight beard, and GT perceived this as a threat.

All the alpacas we interacted with were male. The females were in another pen opposite us. Apparently, the female alpacas are more aggressive, and don’t interact well with strangers.

It was time to go when I could see Julian was tired of being around the animals. We checked out the small gift shop and then made our way home. Overall, I had a wonderful time and I will definitely be going back. I mean it can’t get much better then spending time with animals for free.

On a side note, there was another alpaca farm literally five minutes away? But it happened to be closed on this particular Saturday. I will be checking that farm out soon.


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